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00. What is AKC?

AKC: (Aspire Knowledge Central) is a content management system for developing fairly serious content that is organized into folders. Some of these content folders are made public by the content author.

AKC is user centric

AKC has a collection of users where each user manages his/her own content. A user can author/manage URLs, News, Notes and Documents. This is a slightly different focus from web logging where the focus appears more to be either news centric or topic centric.

AKC can be used to develop indepth content

Using this system we expect users to develop long lasting serious content over time. For instance an author can develop a series of code samples and articles on Java or C#. These articles/code samples can then be viewed by public. These articles can also be submitted to peer reviewed sites for inclusion at their sites.

AKC can be used to maintain news

Although not fully evolved users can manage their own news items in a news folder that can be made public. This folder URL can be specified on a third-party public website for general viewing. Ofcourse the "news" folder can be viewed on the AKC site as well.

AKC can be used by school teachers

Teachers can use this as a tool to communicate with students and parents regarding their teaching philosophies, extra homework, other books to read, schedules etc.

AKC can be used as a personnel portrayal system

Individuals can maintain their resumes, interests, favorites etc, without explicitly managing a web site.

AKC can be used by Computer programming Developers

Individual programmers can manage their code samples over time and share them with their colleagues or use them for future references.

AKC can be used by Companies to post public/private announcements

IT companies can cross link the content with their web sites so that the content can be managed dynamically. This can be done using a centralized public AKC installation or a local installation dedicated to the company. "AKC" runs on Tomcat and is very easy to install for individual companies.