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12-Nov-14). prop: Aspire tags Display page properties example (Property file examples: AKC)

Description to be entered

20-Nov-12). How to use if expressions and functions in an Aspire tag based html (Howto)

Aspire allows "if" tags in your html pages. Here is an example.

<!--RLF_TAG BGN_IF aspire_key_name=literal_value if1 -->
..html segment
<!--RLF_TAG END_IF aspire_key_name=literal_value if1 -->

Aspire will take the "aspire_key_name" and try to locate it in the aspire data set. If it is there its value is taken and compared to the literal_value. The key is not case sensitive but the values are. If the strings are the same (or match) then the html segment will be included in the page otherwise not.

22-Dec-07). How to take advantage of header substitutions (using function expressions) (Howto)

1. You can use this document for substituting common headers and footers on your aspire web sites.
2. How to write your own expressions
3. Source code of the default expression functions

30-Nov-07). 05.04 How to use JSP and Aspire (Howto)

JSP Basics
Reading aspire data
using ihds
JSP References

27-Nov-07). Questions, Feedback (Questions)

You can use this document to provide feedback.

27-Nov-07). Build 24 released (Release Notes)

Main changes:Tested

Commons file uploads properly integrated using parts

Allow for url parameters as extra path segments

Main changes:Alphas state, pending testing

Saving blobs

Prepared statements

Retrieving files through Aspire parts as opposed to tomcat downloads. This will ensure proper security

Changed files

\com\ai\servlets\paramfilters\UpdateParamFilterRequest.java33 File(s)

33 files changed

16-Nov-07). How to upload files: one annotated approach (Howto-Advanced)

An example to use while trying to upload files. This is one possible approach with out saving blobs. You will use the file system to store the files and use a database table to hold references to them. You will also see here how one can display the files.

14-Nov-07). How to upload a file to a database and bring it back (Howto-Advanced)

1. You will be using commons file upload plugin or part

2. You will need to add a url rewrite filter that comes with aspire to convert extra path to url arguments

3. You will "singlefileuploadpart" to parse the multipart upload

4. You will use a PSExecutor2 part to save it as a blob in the database

5. You can BlobTransform to write it back to the browser

9-Nov-07). Using Servlet Filters to convert extra path info to url query parameters (Howto-Advanced)

This is an important read to configure aspire for uploading files

9-Nov-07). How to use Generic Mappers (Howto-Advanced)

Generic mappers are a set of java classes used to quickly read key value pairs. For example the relationship between file extension and their content type is determined this way.

This mechanism is intended to be a general purpose mechanism for reading a dictionary of values

The current implementation is a bit inefficient but a future implementation can amend that.

24-Oct-07). SingleFileUPloadCommonsPart: Draft (Howto-Advanced)

part of the upload file effort

24-Oct-07). FULCopyFilePart: draft (Howto-Advanced)

part of the upload file effort

18-Oct-07). Questions, Feedback 2006 and 2007 feedback (Questions)

You can use this document to provide feedback.

14-Feb-07). Source code for ConnectionPoolConnectionManager5 (Howto)

This class allows you to use connection pools from apache or tomcat

27-Dec-06). How to use ConnectionPoolConnectionManager4 (Howto)

This class implements a mechanism to preload a certain number of connections for each data source. The facility also allows to keep those many minimum connections open during the clean up process.

27-Dec-06). How to test Connection Pools (Howto)

This class implements a mechanism to preload a certain number of connections for each data source. The facility also allows to keep those many minimum connections open during the clean up process.

14-Dec-06). Some important log search strings (Howto-Advanced)

Some important log search strings

14-Dec-06). DatabaseTM: log file for single select (Howto-Advanced)

DatabaseTM: log file for single select

28-Sep-06). How to use SessionHDSTransformerPart (Howto-Advanced)

Description to be entered

16-Sep-06). How to use stored procedures in Aspire (Howto)

Aspire not only allows you to access and update data using stored procedures but also allows additional features to use stored procedures as the business layer. Here are a few things where and how stored procedures could be used in Aspire

11-Sep-06). How to use SessionVariablesPart (Howto-Advanced)

The above code when embedded in a pipeline will take "var1" from the hashtable and places it in the session as "var2". If newVariableName is not mentioned then it will just put it as variableName

5-Sep-06). Build 22.5 Released (Release Notes)

1. you can turn off flushing and closing the stream in base servlet

2. You can use JSPIncludeTransform to include jsp urls

24-Aug-06). How to use copyparameters part (Howto-Advanced)

you can use this part for introducing or copying existing keys as new keys.

24-Aug-06). Special note for newer tomcat releases (Release Notes)

When some people have tried to install loginapp4, they ran into some issues. Tomcat itself threw an exception while loading the context for loginapp4.

See if you can comment out the following line in


use a # at the begining

9-Aug-06). A way to construct hds on the fly: an example using Lucene (Howto-Advanced)

A way to construct hds on the fly: an example using Lucene

18-Jul-06). 05.06 How to do updates in Aspire (Howto)

Updates are quite straight forward in Aspire. An update is initiated by a user submitting a form. A form can be submitted using either a get method or a post method. Or you can even use a javascript function to collect the relevent fields and fire of a URL to the server along with the parameters.

18-Jul-06). How to submit a form in aspire a very trivial example (Howto)

Simple sample code of javascript to submit a form for aspire

13-Jul-06). 05.02 loginapp4 (Property file examples: AKC)

Main configuration file

12-Jul-06). akc-reports-summary.jsp (Property file examples: AKC)

Example JSP page using ihds

20-May-06). 04.00 Aspire download directory (Howto)

This directory on provides latest aspire downloads. The following are available for downloading

  • Latest aspire jar file
  • Latest aspire properties file that goes with the above jar
  • Latest complete distribution of aspire
  • Any handy support jars