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Public Blog of Satya Komatineni

20-Sep-14). On Loaders (Android Data Storage)

On Loaders

20-Sep-14). Read later (TED)

Read later

15-Sep-14). What is Data Virtualization and Connected Analytics? (00.15-Research)

What is Data Virtualization and Connected Analytics?

11-Sep-14). CAP theory (Enterprise Integration)

CAP theory

11-Sep-14). web sockets I suppose (Enterprise Integration)

web sockets I suppose

11-Sep-14). Trends (Enterprise Integration)


5-Sep-14). Beginer Code snippets and code samples for Android (Android Coding Help)

Direct code snippets and links to other places where you can get more code snippets.

3-Sep-14). Tableau (Enterprise Integration)

Tableau Research

3-Sep-14). What tools are there to better understand Biology? (00.15-Research)

What tools are there to better understand Biology?

3-Sep-14). Exploring Tools and Techniques for Direct SQL Storage on Android (Android Data Storage)

This research on using SQLite on Android will address the following: a) How do I create a database? How do I populate it? b) How do I read from the database? c) How do I update and delete from it? d) How do I do transactions, if allowed at all? e) Are there utilities similar to JPA or Hiberante or CoreData? f) How do I run DDL scripts? g) How do I migrate data? h) How do I create a service layer that abstracts transactions much like session beans in java?

2-Sep-14). JWT: JSON Web Tokens (Enterprise Integration)

JWT: JSON Web Tokens

30-Aug-14). Dynamic Proxies (CS-Java)

Dynamic Proxies

29-Aug-14). Samuel Barber, Adagio for Strings (Music)

Samuel Barber, Adagio for Strings

29-Aug-14). How to work with arrays (CS-Java)

How to work with arrays

23-Aug-14). ANTLR and other Compiler Related Tools (00.15-Research)

ANTLR and other Compiler Related Tools

22-Aug-14). Storing Android Data in the Cloud through Parse (Android Data Storage)

Storing Android Data in the Cloud through Parse

20-Aug-14). On Vitamins (Health)

On Vitamins

13-Aug-14). On IBM BlueMix and Related Research (Enterprise Integration)

On IBM BlueMix and Related Research

13-Aug-14). On Cholesterol: A basic regime to see if I can improve my borderline cholesterol numbers (Health)

For years now my cholesterol has been hanging like a thread around bad boundary area. eat well, exercise, I was told. I did both. Not really moving any needles. Same thing this year when measured. So I looked up a little and here is a plan, should it work at all. Meaning to follow it up for sometime and see what happens. Here is a list of foods, drinks, and innocuous off the counter meds that I am planning to integrate into a regime for the next few months. I am yet to be convinced any home remedies work at all. Being an inveterate optimist I am hoping I am wrong

12-Aug-14). vagaries of microsoft word (Computer Hardware)

vagaries of microsoft word

5-Aug-14). What is android:allowbackup? (Android 1.5)

What is android:allowbackup?

30-Jul-14). Hardest Place to Drive? (Shells: My Writes)

Can't believe August in only a day or two away. Summer is evident even at 7 in the morning. He is 11. Sturdy 5 feetn'all. Occupying the passenger seat as I drive to drop him off at JCA.

As I was ruminating the fate of life where every second of it is used to take care of life, what point then of life is.

"Dad, Where is the hardest place to drive?"

I was never given the impression that I am a trusted source on any subject especially by my kids. I am tolerated I suspect for conveniences they richly deserve. Espcially when asked on a subject that I have discounted myself, I could not hide the authority in my voice "Umm, downtown! Every Downtown I suppose. Ya DOwntown. I think. Yes! It is DOWNTOWN!!" Wanted to discourage any doubt there after.

"I am not going to go anywher near Downtown! DEFINITELY! When I drive! I will be CRAAAAAAZZZYYYYY to go anywhere near downotown." A period. A head nod. The word used is not "sure", "you know", "ummm" but "DEFINITELY". He has a way of saying DEFINITELY that is distinct where every letter is rolled in his mouth and considered, and every syllable is uttered and stressed to impose age that was not there. Then there was silence for the rest of the drive.

May be life has a small point!

30-Jul-14). My (Mine Only!) Favorite Singers (Music)

No one should be offended or affirmed by what is in here. Beauty, Famously, is neither objective nor subjective but lies in their relationship.

29-Jul-14). On Running (Health)

Even a 5 minute run
Need to be regular and consistent
As much as 30% lower death risk
3 more years of life
40% lower risk of heart related
More running doesn't add up to more...
it is a large 15 year study

28-Jul-14). Property Animations (Android Animations)

Property Animations

27-Jul-14). What is a static java class? (CS-Java)

What is a static java class?

27-Jul-14). working with menus (Android Basic UI)

working with menus

26-Jul-14). In Android how to scroll a TextView and a bit about ScrollView (Android 1.5)

ScrollView is an essential component in any UI framework. Understanding and mastering this component is essential. At the point I wrote this all I needed was to scroll a text view. It looks like Android allows TextView to scroll by itself without the help of embedding it in a ScrollView control. For now you can use this document to understand how to scroll a TextView without the the help of a ScrollView. Perhaps in the future this document will be expanded for a broader coverage of ScrollView.

26-Jul-14). Here is one good way to document menus in your Android programs (Android Basic UI)

An activity or window in Android is a collaboration or collusion of a number of assets such as the activity java file, the layout file, the menu files, the string values xml file etc.

You may want to tie these files together through documentation. For example in the activity file you want to indicate what menu files are used and what layout files are used.

Similarly in the menus file you want to document each menu item and indicate what it does and what java file it is implemented in. What follows is a quick example.

You may want to further embellish it more than what is in here.

See the full article to see the documented menu file.

23-Jul-14). On Alzheimers (Health)

On Alzheimers