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Public Blog of Satya Komatineni

22-Nov-17). I wish to linger (Shells: My Writes)

In witness of a great sight
You never want to look away

In hearing a great story teller
You stay sit

In reading a great pen
You never want the print discontinued

While in the company of love
You never want to leave

22-Nov-17). Landscape (Shells: My Writes)

All imperfections shed
In immense long time
Tread softly on, if at all,
What was made keen by selection

22-Nov-17). Excellence (Shells: My Writes)

Symptoms addressed,
Bemoaning cure - stayed elusive -
Elegance, only a symptom of excellence!

22-Nov-17). Canvas (Shells: My Writes)

Stay and see renewal
Sky the great canvas
Gets a new coat every day

22-Nov-17). Comfort (Shells: My Writes)

God is a creature of motion
In no permanency Gods faith kept

Stars recede at incredible velocities
Sun a cauldron of inhospitable fire
Every heavenly neighbor largely a calamity

Why that
We walk upside down
And believe ground under is conveniently flat

And most shocking of all,
World seem so constant!
And tomorrow so predictable!!

22-Nov-17). Head Down (Shells: My Writes)

Head down
In deep thought
Wolves move.
It is the pet pedigree
That blusters at the ordinary

22-Nov-17). Half wits (Shells: My Writes)

To stones and rubble
When in favor half wits turn,
Personify possibility - 
That one can break the shell
And be a butterfly if not a tempest in Fugue

22-Nov-17). Just Well Written (Humanities Current)

Just Well Written

22-Nov-17). Collective Burden (Shells: My Writes)

One rides emotions - full gallop -
Logic - at best - a walking companion
Such is the burden of the collective

21-Nov-17). Git: Second look (00.15-Research)

Git: Second look

21-Nov-17). Words (Shells: My Writes)

All spill too eagerly to ones lips
While the one with weight waits augustly

21-Nov-17). Western Sky (Shells: My Writes)

In petulance, the Father
Smeared the thick oil paint
On the western canvas
In summary of his incongruent sons

21-Nov-17). To Fly (Shells: My Writes)

Who of you
Wants to shed
Your live long encumberments
To extract and fly

Atleast by a morning subsequent
If not today that is already bound

Past your noon
You still with weary eyes
Hope held

Carry into an endless night
Same wake - if unsated -
Held in jealousy

So u state on your stake

21-Nov-17). Fear Vacuous (Shells: My Writes)

Some quietly transform human condition,
While many talks vacuously!
Not too far an argument needed 
To fear I aid the later

21-Nov-17). Ill-equipped for Idiocy (Shells: My Writes)

I am ill-prepared for wars and battles -
Quick jabs disorienting come to find -
Like a large banyan i plan my roots over eras.
I only grow as from a seed.
It is by deeply facing uncertainty my next leaf is crafted,
In perfect balance, in time.

21-Nov-17). Imprecise Math (Shells: My Writes)

If a student allows here is a long lasting way to teach math 

1. Play chess - to teach focused thinking

2. Practice calligraphy - for being present

3. Practice synonyms - for intelligence

4. Paint long chains with links - to understand derivations

5. Read fiction - to know why do this at all (abstraction)

Play is a good thing. 
So is Math. 
Neither needs a reason. 
So on with both.

Deep immersive introspection. 
Hearth of creativity.

21-Nov-17). Red Wine (Shells: My Writes)

Certain delicious sweetness to taste,
A pleasant infirmity in my head,
Lips filled with red wine far off, 
A notion grandly adorned

21-Nov-17). Love (Shells: My Writes)

I take myself to the altar
To show you the way
If not this, what else is love?

21-Nov-17). My Errors (Shells: My Writes)

As i err with curiosity,
Some of those labors,
You may favorably see as fruits

21-Nov-17). Egrets in Florida (Shells: My Writes)

Once in a while i see an egret in Florida
Whiter than the nascent snow
Why not all the time - I murmur for a long time

Barely ankle deep
The autumn lake in Florida
Murmuring to the silent egret -
Whiter than the nascent snow -
Where are many more?

5-Nov-17). Is Music a language? (Humanities Current)

The Subjectivity of Experience
Aspects of the Music-Language Relationship
Music As Language
The Vocal Origins of Music
Talking About Music
Music and Semiotics
Information Theory
Generative Grammar
Music Theory
Specialized Music Languages
Western Music Notation
MIDI Data Protocol
Teaching by Example

- by Chris Dobrian

16-Aug-17). AVRO - Schemas (00.15-Research)

AVRO - Schemas

16-Aug-17). Hystrix: Netflix API stack at Netflix OSS (00.15-Research)

Hystrix is one of the API related tools at Netflix released as part of Netflix OSS. Allows you to compose auto-scaled container based services in a fault tolerant way using RxJava. Along with RxJava, Eureka, Archaiu, Ribbon, Zuul, Turbine, Karyon, Governator it provides a PAAS like environment for all of Netflix API and website needs. You will find here research and a bit of summary.

15-Aug-17). Google Guice (00.15-Research)

Google Guice

14-Aug-17). Health links (Health)

Health links

14-Aug-17). Maltese (Shells: My Writes)

It's sight short,
Stature diminutive.
Barks at every moving thing!
In quarrel its use for language.
Only sufficiently amicable
To get through the evolution's noose.
Angel content with-in its narrow domestic walls.

- with a phrase borrowed from Tagore

9-Aug-17). Open API (00.15-Research)

Open API

9-Aug-17). Mute (Shells: My Writes)

Mute, I cry and scream
In my own Great void

7-Aug-17). A sodden summer (Shells: My Writes)

With the same un-attenuated smugness of carrying a miracle
Fulfilled lay pregnant lakes - to the hem -
A sodden summer in Florida

7-Aug-17). Prettiest Moon (Shells: My Writes)

Captains long - stood erect - on shaken hulls.
In disarray, pitch the placid seas!
Prettiest Moon on the splendid Sky