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Public Blog of Satya Komatineni

23-Apr-14). Extraordinary TED sessions (TED)

I will document here some extra ordinary TED sessions that I ran into. Surprisingly number of views on google for these sessions is not yet a predictor of how good and rewarding these sessions are.

Should you stumble on to this page I hope to have saved you hours of viewing and tell you what I wish no one would miss!

22-Apr-14). Sample code: A few sample stored procs (CS-SQLServer)

Sample code: A few sample stored procs

22-Apr-14). sample sql code (CS-SQLServer)

sample sql code

22-Apr-14). Quick references for client side widgets (Aspire Notes)

Quick references for client side widgets

22-Apr-14). How to use JQuery Micro templating Engine (jquery)

How to use JQuery Micro templating Engine

22-Apr-14). jsrender template: example 2 (jquery)

jsrender template: example 2

22-Apr-14). jsrender template1: Example 1 (jquery)

jsrender template1: Example 1

21-Apr-14). What is use strict in javascript? (jquery)

What is use strict in javascript?

21-Apr-14). How to escape, encode special characters in javascript strings (CS-JavaScript)


Some times when server side needs to write out a string variable that initializes a javascript string it is important to know how to escape strings.

The usual html escape and unescape are either too heavy handed and require probably special handling.

A good approach may be just use the back slashes to skip the quote double or single quotes.

21-Apr-14). Scoping of variables in Javascript (CS-JavaScript)

Scoping of variables in Javascript

14-Apr-14). Notes on Tweaking Aspire (Aspire Notes)

Notes on Tweaking Aspire

14-Apr-14). Aspire Design Guidelines (Aspire Notes)

Aspire Design Guidelines

13-Apr-14). Notes on multipart implementation (Aspire Notes)

Notes on multipart implementation

13-Apr-14). Understand javax.activation.DataSource etc... (CS-Java)

Understand javax.activation.DataSource etc...

13-Apr-14). Why is it not a bad idea to delete things at garbage collection time! (CS-Java)

Why is it not a bad idea to delete things at garbage collection time!

13-Apr-14). How to get the system temp directory (CS-Java)

public static String getSystemTempDirectory()   
    return System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir");

13-Apr-14). Why Work? (TED)

Why Work?

12-Apr-14). A good pencil (Products)

A good pencil

3-Apr-14). How to work? (TED)

This is not about what is work, or why I should work, but about how should I work. The practice of work. To be a bit flippant a sort of Karma Yoga.

What elevates work? is it a mood? is it an emotion? is it space? is it time? is it motivation? is it commitment? is it need? is it joy? is it responsibility? is it meaning?

So, I intend to gather a series of ruminations on how to practice work

19-Mar-14). Game Engines for Android (Android 1.5)

Game Engines for Android

16-Mar-14). Explore TypeScript and how to use it (00.15-Research)

Explore TypeScript and how to use it

16-Mar-14). A kiddish Calc (Android 1.5)

This could be your first android project if you are learning. This demonstrates the following

How to create a layout with
  linear layout 
how to gather controls
how to setup buttons
how to respond to buttons
how to read/update edit text controls

16-Mar-14). Notes on installing Android (Android Avds, Install, Emulator)

A journal/notes on installing android versions over time, again, and again. Look through towards down for more and more refinement and information.

8-Mar-14). More on Android Alarm Manager, 2014 (Android 1.5)

More on Android Alarm Manager, 2014

8-Mar-14). Exploring AlarmManager (Android 1.5)

You will find in this document

1. Basic research on Android AlarmManager API
2. Useful api references while working with AlarmManager
3. Not-so-intuitive truths about AlarmManager
4. Sample code
5. Downloadable Sample project
6. Finally what I call the AlarmManager Predicates

4-Mar-14). Introduction to Basic Android UI needs (Android Basic UI)

This knowledge folder is called "Introduction to Basic Android UI needs". You will find here articles, research journals, code samples etc in one place to help with your basic UI coding. You will find information on resources, intents, list controls etc. Look at the links on the right hand side while viewing this page in the right context. If you don't see these links use this link instead.

2-Mar-14). How to manage backgrounds? Shapes, Layered Lists etc. (Themes and Styles)

The drawable resource directory in Android resources is a testament to the fluency of Android's declarative architecture. The collection of links here and a few notes that I made here demonstrate how to manage view backgrounds in Android using various xml files in the drawable directory: Shapes, Layered Lists etc. Read further for more details.

23-Feb-14). Why become a Mobile Developer? (Android Basic UI)

You may be wondering why you should become a mobile developer? I can cite two strong reasons, one of which never existed before. The familiar one is to be part of an IT organization for their mobile programming efforts. The IT opportunities are on the raise but not fully realzied yet unlike what happened with the Web programming paradigm when it came into being. I expect this need, however, to be a gradually increasing demand.

On the other hand, the immediate and exiciting opportunity is for you to become an independent app publisher. The availability of a sales channel for the apps that you write is a unique one in the software industry. Not every one of us is going to be a raising star in an IT organization. The independent developer path gives an avenue for you to grow at your own pace and in the direction that satisfies you. Luck and Patience might even make you rich. At least you can add value to the society in meeting your needs.

So should you decide to venture into the android mobile programming space you want to be prepared with the right hardware that makes this experience bearable. If you are buying a windows laptop see if you can get one with at least 8G of memory, solid state hard drive, and a reasonably fast processor. Expect to spend about a $1000 to a $1500. If you are buying a Mac laptop, similar configuration may cost you about $2500. A good fast configuration is important for android development.

If you are a seasoned Java programmer, given this investment, and a few good books in hand you can expect to be a competent mobile android app devloper in about 6 months.

Should you decide to take this on you may want to follow a well laid out road map for accomplishing the goal of creating meaningul, relentelessly useful apps, not for, but using the Android platform.

22-Feb-14). Sample manifest files (Android Coding Help)

Sample manifest files

21-Feb-14). Intents: Discovery journal (Android Basic UI)