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Public Blog of Satya Komatineni

24-May-18). Secure code notes (00.15-Research)

Secure code notes

10-May-18). Basics of Visual Studio Code (Node)

Basics of Visual Studio Code

9-May-18). How to use feedback in akf (Aspire Knowledge Center (akc))

How to use feedback in akf

27-Apr-18). Can I share from Google Drive (Computer Hardware)

Can I share from Google Drive

22-Apr-18). Taste (Shells: My Writes)

Taste is one of hunger and thirst!
Why do we seek it in food and water?

22-Apr-18). Fancies (Shells: My Writes)

As quickly Fortune favors
Deserts as fast
Meanwhile Fancies quite many!

22-Apr-18). Eschew (Shells: My Writes)

When Joy diminishes,
There goes discipline
In dissipating smoke.

By eschewing daily devotion
Path to perdition paved.

All Future 
Very Present modified!

6-Apr-18). Implement a document storage model (Aspire Knowledge Center (akc))

Implement a document storage model

4-Apr-18). Playing with Kafka (Node)

Playing with Kafka

4-Apr-18). Docker (Node)


2-Apr-18). ioT platform requirements (Node)

ioT platform requirements

2-Apr-18). Working with Thingsboard.io (Node)

Working with Thingsboard.io

30-Mar-18). Node.js (Node)


15-Mar-18). iot frameworks (Node)

iot frameworks

15-Mar-18). TIBCO Flogo (Node)


13-Mar-18). What is Storm? (00.15-Research)

Storm is a free and open source distributed realtime computation system. Storm makes it easy to reliably process unbounded streams of data, doing for realtime processing what Hadoop did for batch processing. Storm is simple, can be used with any programming language, and is a lot of fun to use!

13-Mar-18). What is FlumeJava? (00.15-Research)

What is FlumeJava?

5-Mar-18). Understanding VPNs (00.15-Research)

Understanding VPNs

4-Mar-18). Places (Humanities Current)


3-Mar-18). What is Mobile Device Management? (00.15-Research)

What is Mobile Device Management?

7-Feb-18). Ethereum (00.15-Research)


18-Jan-18). Eclipse in 2017 (Eclipse)

Eclipse in 2017

18-Jan-18). What is a RACI matrix? (Computer Hardware)

What is a RACI matrix?

15-Jan-18). Gilbert Strang and Linear Alzebra (00.15-Research)

Gilbert Strang and Linear Alzebra

9-Jan-18). A King's Lament (Shells: My Writes)

Translated from Telugu...

Where is my Beloved? Where is my Son? Where has dissipated my endless Kingdom? You see...

Neither your offspring, nor your beloved,
Nor those that held u in dearest regard since birth,
Those that shared the same womb as you,
Neither your kin
Not even your friends - mind you -
Will follow you - in the End -
If credit at all that follows pray be it your good name.
Such is truth.

Anchored, all your affluence, will not, either, string your way - in any manner -
To you or another in what bearing - stipulated the stars the inescapable profit,
No prayer will amend!

In your potence, pride - without purpose -
For Indigent shall be the Monarch,
And Monarch an indigent
As Time frames all Fortunes.

29-Dec-17). ML (00.15-Research)


2-Dec-17). Blow-Hards in 1855 (Humanities Current)

Among the various and multiplied phases of human character, there is one class which is common to an almost unprecedented extent in California. Upon every street corner, in every public place, in the avenues of business, and especially in the arena of politics, gentlemen of the class referred to are to be found, conspicuous among the crowd. Their chief trade is to manufacture opinion, deceive the unwary?magnify their own importance, and impose upon the community a bogus sentiment for the genuine article. Those who compose the class we refer to, in Bowery parlance, are known by the not very euphonious, yet expressive soubriquet (that is in contrast to modern American spelling Sobriquet) of "Blow-hards."

- Daily Placer Times and Transcript (San Francisco, CA) 8 Jan. 1855

28-Nov-17). Well Written (Humanities Current)

Well Written

27-Nov-17). Poem (Shells: My Writes)

I am not liberal prose
In inadequate crevices of language
Lies deeper meaning
I am a poem.

27-Nov-17). Frail Attempts (Shells: My Writes)

You know me ever long I was a child,
Faint, frail, and weak,
Now laden with a thousand arrows of life.
To summon your bravery
You, that is wealthy, handsome, and strong!