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Public Blog of Satya Komatineni

16-Aug-17). AVRO - Schemas (00.15-Research)

AVRO - Schemas

16-Aug-17). Hystrix: Netflix API stack at Netflix OSS (00.15-Research)

Hystrix is one of the API related tools at Netflix released as part of Netflix OSS. Allows you to compose auto-scaled container based services in a fault tolerant way using RxJava. Along with RxJava, Eureka, Archaiu, Ribbon, Zuul, Turbine, Karyon, Governator it provides a PAAS like environment for all of Netflix API and website needs. You will find here research and a bit of summary.

15-Aug-17). Google Guice (00.15-Research)

Google Guice

14-Aug-17). Health links (Health)

Health links

14-Aug-17). Maltese (Shells: My Writes)

It's sight short,
Stature diminutive.
Barks at every moving thing!
In quarrel its use for language.
Only sufficiently amicable
To get through the evolution's noose.
Angel content with-in its narrow domestic walls.

- with a phrase borrowed from Tagore

9-Aug-17). Open API (00.15-Research)

Open API

9-Aug-17). Mute (Shells: My Writes)

Mute, I cry and scream
In my own Great void

7-Aug-17). A sodden summer (Shells: My Writes)

With the same un-attenuated smugness of carrying a miracle
Fulfilled lay pregnant lakes - to the hem -
A sodden summer in Florida

7-Aug-17). Prettiest Moon (Shells: My Writes)

Captains long - stood erect - on shaken hulls.
In disarray, pitch the placid seas!
Prettiest Moon on the splendid Sky

2-Aug-17). Actors then (Shells: My Writes)

From far they came
with lights in their eyes
Lit the world, fittingly
By way of Silver Screens

2-Aug-17). Duty (Shells: My Writes)

Battles and wars may bring purpose
Yet all joy
Shrouded In wan memories of departed
As the sword lay silent at dusk

2-Aug-17). Just Well Written (Humanities Current)

Just Well Written

2-Aug-17). Seaside (Shells: My Writes)

Take to the seaside
Get a loft
Design something
Or plot
With a pencil
On a wall sized paper

2-Aug-17). Rose (Shells: My Writes)

Fragrance for a rose

2-Aug-17). Size (Shells: My Writes)

Can nothing hold ALL, the immense?
Positive and negative charges
Particles and Anti-particles
Their numbers suit any 
For they annihilate each other to nothing.

2-Aug-17). Small (Shells: My Writes)

When you are open nothing is small - 
For an entire Universe,
There is room enough even
At the center of a tiny atom

2-Aug-17). Lambda functions in Java (CS-Java)

Lambda functions in Java

2-Aug-17). Alike (Shells: My Writes)

So many come to You
With many names
Yet in their reverence
You seem alike

2-Aug-17). Young Lincoln - netflix (A glimpse at leadership) (Movies)

Young Lincoln - netflix (A glimpse at leadership)

2-Aug-17). Master of None - Netflix (Gorgeous!) (Movies)

Master of None - Netflix (Gorgeous!)

2-Aug-17). To Kill a Mocking Bird (I would have liked more words) (Movies)

To Kill a Mocking Bird (I would have liked more words)

2-Aug-17). Teachers Pet - netflix (Lovely black and white) (Movies)

Teachers Pet - netflix (Lovely black and white)

2-Aug-17). Imitation Game - netflix (Intention and Effort an invitation to beauty) (Movies)

Imitation Game - netflix (Intention and Effort an invitation to beauty)

2-Aug-17). West Wing on Netflix - Beautiful Pace (Movies)

West Wing on Netflix - Beautiful Pace

29-Jul-17). Cuckoo (Shells: My Writes)

Sweltering Summer
Hushed to hear the cuckoo skilled
Unstirred however the brightly plumed peacock

26-Jul-17). etcd (00.15-Research)


26-Jul-17). Flannel (00.15-Research)


26-Jul-17). Good fats and bad fats (Health)

Good fats and bad fats

25-Jul-17). Polymer (CS-JavaScript)


25-Jul-17). Web Components (CS-JavaScript)

Web Components